Blue Scholar Foundation

Making higher ed universally desirable & possible:
Blue Scholar program for blue collar workers & others.
Making higher education universally desirable & possible: The Blue Scholar program for blue collar workers. (and others)

Problem: Nearly everyone should gain a college-level education, for a variety of reasons, and not just as job training. We have gone too far in that direction. Society now mainly treats college as job prep, as something that should be expensive for the few who go on to receive big salaries. Because it is so expensive, only those investing in a path to those big salaries can justify it. That's wrong on many levels, not the least that it burdens and bankrupts so many while leaving so many more uneducated. At the same time, we are not reliably building character, providing a wide range of valuable experience, and are failing to inspire and focus on meaningful contribution to society and consistently caring for & helping others. In high school and college years, we concentrate young people, mostly isolating them from adults who could help them mature faster and better.

It should be possible to enter the workforce while also continually and reliably progressing toward a complete education. Young people should not be faced with a largely irrevocable choice between work and academics. This is, largely, an artificial and false choice, reinforced in ways that no longer serve us now that alternatives are possible. We should all strive to be, and help others strive to be, well-rounded polymaths, well-versed in multiple realms, without unnecessary constraints and penalties for change.

Solution: The Blue Scholar Foundation works toward everyone achieving a college-level education, eventually, regardless of their starting situation, and generally without debt. This education should seem interesting, easy enough, and be inexpensive, flexible, and rewarding. A person should do this, and actively want to do this, because it makes them more interesting and a much better mate, parent, citizen, and contributor to society through work & support for others. The Foundation provides a platform, directly or through partners, which aims to democratize education by enabling people to create, validate, and verify alternate equivalent paths, exploring efficiency and flexibility goals. We believe in empowering people with a college-level education regardless of their initial situation and without debt.

We believe:

The Blue Scholar Foundation and its partners will define, evaluate, certify, enable, and socialize successful approaches. Some early focus will include teaching English, Spanish, math, useful programming then computer science, CAD then mechanical design, and mechatronics.

If you would like to get your organization certified or help in any way, please contact:

Stephen D. Williams (US:SF), Sascha Griffiths (EU:DE,UK), Mandar Desai (Mumbai, India), Michael Leventhal (Mali, Africa)